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Corporate Membership Application

The goal of OSHAssociation is to provide all corporate members every resource that will enhance their employee's performance and improve business best practices. Corporate Membership is an investment with lots of benefits:



Updates on OSH &E best practice sent to member, to upgrade standards and implement latest regulations published in safety view magazine, a quarterly publication of new and reviewed regulation worldwide, and also professional articles and resources written by practicing OSH & E Professionals. Corporate member receive safety view magazine by mail or digitally, on discount rate.


Corporate Members enjoy discounts on training, consultancy and services offered by the association, and have opportunity to interact with the local or international experts in the association regarding challenging matters in your organization. Receives discounts on international and local conferences, adverts publication and many more.


OSHAssociation Corporate membership offers you the conformity to build professional relationship with our members globally, networking with professionals in the same industry.


Enjoy discount on the best Professional Development Programs and events, expanding your employees safety education and awareness, via in house specialized training or on the job training.


Corporate member have opportunity to collaborate or partner with the association in achieving business goal or mandate on SH &E. Members are provided with resources to conduct events with the accreditation from local or international level.

ABOUT OSHAssociation

Occupational Safety and Health Association known as “(OSHAssociation)” is an independent, non-profit organization with global membership and regional representatives worldwide. The UK region registered in England and Wales as a non profit organisation with  registration number 8438377, and  with professional membership with other world leading Health and Safety Organization in the United Kingdom and globally, such as British Safety Council with identity: S0403097-CH653BN and RoSPA UK with identity: M407616186, etc. OSHAssociation always in the forefront of promoting  occupational safety and health in the industry globally.

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